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On Dangerous Ground

Posted on Mon May 18th, 2020 @ 11:48am by Ensign Evelyn Moro

Mission: To The Rescue
Location: Private Quarters
Timeline: 48 hours following More Questions Than Answers

Evelyn paced back and forth in her quarters. It'd been too long since Millie had checked in. Even if they were doing something super classified she'd have found a way to drop a hello or an I'm okay. Doctor Crow seemed to take it with a grain of salt that his wife could up and vanish for this long but it struck Evelyn as completely wrong.

She walked to her desk and opened a drawer, pulling out a small rectangular device of her own creation. There was only one person who knew where they were, or had been heading, and she wasn't here to tell so....

Evelyn's fingers danced over the onyx colored device, each touch lighting up in a faint blue hue as the display registered an ongoing alphanumeric sequence of several different languages. As she watched the characters scroll her eyes got heavy.


She startled awake staring at the screen.


A five character password. Why in the world would this woman have such a simple encryption? Evelyn adjusted her device and it began to run combinations, unlocking the code word like tumblers in a lock. Finally they all lit up green and she made a face.

"Of all things..." she shrugged and logged in. The woman's notes were meticulous, cross referenced with various sources. Some of the things Evelyn read were eye opening to say the least, most of them beyond believing. But finally she opened the most recent file. It detailed recent brutal attacks and she had apparently targeted one world in particular as their next target.

Carefully backing out of the system Evelyn quickly wrote down the name of the world and its coordinates. This was her best hope. Now all she needed was someone to believe her.


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