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Captain's Log SD 73151.81

Posted on Mon Feb 25th, 2019 @ 4:02pm by Captain Henry Crow

We are on route to Organia to take part in an official ceremony closing down Epsilon Outpost 7. The location of such ceremony is not lost on me. It was the Organians who put an end to the Terran-Klingon war. It's also not lost on me that a century after Khitomer, there are still tensions which bubble up to the surface when it comes to the Klingons.

It's not as if I don't get where many of them are coming from though it seems as time passes fewer and fewer of them believe in reviving the old ways where honor and conquest were tied at the hip. Hopefully this will be a very elegant and boring ceremony and nothing of note will occur at the after reception.

As a side note, we've taken on some new crew in important positions lately and I need to make an effort, as the wife says, to meet and greet them on a more personable level.

Since our departure from Earth I have made several attempts to learn the status of the woman we dropped off but thus far the response has ranged from silence to a dismissive change of subject. Whatever it is they're learning from her I hope it's beneficial.

End log.


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