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Personal log

Posted on Wed Feb 2nd, 2022 @ 10:16am by Lieutenant Commander Constance Stewart

Personal LOG

I have recently been studying old earth music on my days off. So far I find I like country and classic Rock the best. I have been studying music from other countries as well. I have found that I like KPop especially the Idols BTS. I find their music most soothing and very danceable.
Today is my day off and I have been writing a holodeck program simulating one of their concerts. And today I'm going to experience the concert. I have my old earth jeans and T-shirt that is a replica of one worn at this concert. I have a bucket hat on to cover my ears and my ARMY bomb lightstick to wave in the air. I walk to the TL have it take me to the floor with the Holodeck as I find the one I reserved for today. I enter the deck, lock the door and put in the holodeck. Suddenly the room turns into a concert venue complete with screaming fan security guards. I pull the ticket out of my pocket and I see I have a front row seat right in front of the stage so I make my way to my seat. I start off sitting but eventually stand. As the concert begins I can feel the buzz in the air and I start getting excited as the music starts. I turn on my ARMY bomb and wave it around as I dance along and sing along using my translator to translate Korean to English. I was having a great time forgetting about all the stress and tension and unwinding. I was mesmerized by the way these men could move. I was actually smiling for once. I noticed most of the people here were younger than me kinda made me a bit shy. That faded quickly when I noticed two of them watching me. I made sure my hat was over my ears. I looked at both of them and they both smiled at me. I felt my heart race. I haven't felt this way since Hayden left me. I caught myself crying before I knew I was crying. I was trying not to draw attention to myself as I hid my face with my hat while I got myself under control. Once under control I looked up to see three of the members watching me. My face flushed with embarrassment. I continued to enjoy the music. As a security guard approached me asking me to follow him. I'm wondering what's going on as he leads me to the edge of the stage where JHope gives me his red acorn bag. I take it surprised" thank you" He just kisses me on the cheek. And whispers in my ear "your welcome anything to see you smile" *he smiles at me making me feel all warm on the inside as I put the pouch on. And I'm escorted back to my seat as I smile continuing to have fun at the concert thinking I'm gonna have to revisit this holodeck for sure. My time is up and the concert fades. I'm back on the ship. I notice the bag is still on me. I look at it smiling. I take my program out of the computer and leave the suite.


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