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Duty log

Posted on Wed Dec 1st, 2021 @ 2:37am by Lieutenant Commander Constance Stewart

Officer longue disturbance

I am on my way to the officers lounge. There appears to be a fight going on. I have brought three of my best Security Officers with me in case they are needed. Fights tend to be unpredictable and get out of hand easily. Walking down the corridor and into the TL. I told it to take me to the officers lounge. After a few minutes we arrive at the floor as we step out and walk down the hall with a purpose. Once we reach the lounge and walk inside we hear people yelling. We notice that a crowd has gathered. There were two young male ensigns engaged in a fight. I couldn't believe my eyes. No one was trying to stop them, everyone was drunk. They were cheering them on. I was shocked as I yelled " EVERYONE STAND BACK OR YOU WILL BE ARRESTED. Everyone looked at me but immediately dispersed. We went after the two young men who were on the ground. The one was on top of the other one. I could smell the alcohol on both of them and sighed. This wasn't going to be as easy as I thought it might be. I recognized both Ensign Murphy and Ensign Ronald. They were both security guards. I went to pull Ensign Murphy off the other Ensign and he wouldn't budge. "Ensign I demand you get off Ensign Ronald right now" Ensign Murphy "piss off" I grab Murphy and as quick as a flash I cuff his hands as he fights me. I pin him to the floor on stomach holding him there as one of my guards stuns the Ensign as I get off him as my other guard puts him over his shoulder heading to the Brig with him. I then walk over to the other Ensign who runs from me as I simply stun him he goes to the ground unconscious and I pick him up and put him over my shoulder handing him off to the other officer. "Put him in a separate cell" He nods "aye Lt" *He takes the Ensign to the Brig. As I go to leave another fight breaks out between two drunk female Lt's as I hit my cam badge to get some back up on the way as I walked over to break up the fight. "Alright break it up now" both women look at me and continue to fight. I sigh and go to stand between the two women. "Both of you stop fighting now" The women stop looking at me. "Ok what's all this about?" The women promptly pass out drunk. I hit my com badge canceling the other security team instead I called for a medical team. Who show up and takes the women to the infirmary. I follow them out of the longue. As I get back on the TL heading back to my office in security so I can start my reports on tonight's craziness.


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