Lieutenant Alexander Richardson

Name Alexander James Richardson

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 150 lbs.
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Richardson has brown eyes and short brown hair that he generally wears parted to the left. He has no visible scars or birthmarks, and is usually clean shaven. Alex is not bulky in terms of muscle mass, but is a very physically fit man.


Spouse Amber Hall-Richardson
Children None.
Father Gregory Alenn Richardson
Mother Sara Rene Williams-Richardson
Brother(s) None.
Sister(s) None.
Other Family Lieutenant Commander Thomas Richardson, Starfleet Corps of Engineers.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Richardson is a by-the-book officer. While his psychological profile denotes a certain degree of reclusive or shy behavior, Alex is still able to perform his duties in a top-notch manner. He just simply wouldn't be considered or aim to be the center of attention in a social gathering.
Strengths & Weaknesses Richardson is an intelligent, but somewhat shy, man. However, his shyness is not so severe as to inhibit his ability to function with his fellow officers in the professional setting. He is also a very tempered individual who is not easily riled into a rage or fury by the words and actions of others.
Ambitions Alexander Richardson is a career Starfleet Officer.

Until recently, he had given little to the considerations of his personal life's ambitions; choosing to mainly focus on his duties as a Starfleet officer, but after meeting the woman of his dreams in a deep space assignment aboard Langley Station, Alex would like to one day start a family of his own.
Hobbies & Interests Martial Arts, playing the piano and building model ancient sailing ships.

Personal History Alexander Richardson was born in Northern California on Earth to Gregory and Sara Richardson. He has no siblings. Upon completing high school, Alex was offered an appointment at Starfleet Academy.

Cadet Richardson displayed an aptitude for fields concerned with mechanical and theoritical engineering. The young cadet performed well in all of his courses, and graduated a modest fourth in his class from the Academy.

After earning his commission, Ensign Richardson was assigned to a deep space exploratory vessel, the U.S.S. Trachtenburg, which was deployed to the Iotoba Servu sector. While serving as an engineering officer aboard the Tractenburg, Richardson distinguished himself during a conflict with the Aa'tul, a race of xenophobic aliens who had attacked and crippled the Trachtenburg after it had unknowingly entered into Aa'tul space.

During the conflict, the Trachtenburg lost both its Chief and Assistant Chief Engineering Officers in the violent ambush, and Richardson stepped in to the post. A commendation was entered into his file by the Trachtenburg's Commanding Officer, Captain Hillary Ramon, who stated, "Ensign Richardson has performed valiantly in the face of overwhelming danger. His service and efforts to repel hostile boarding parties during our skirmish with the Aa'tul were invaluable in re-securing this ship. Moreover, his apparent skillful mechanical knowledge allowed us to get back underway in a fraction of the time even I would have expected. As such, I'm entering this commendation into his file and assigning him as the Trachtenburg's new Chief Engineering Officer."

Following the Tractenburg's return to Federation space four years later, Starfleet Command, despite protests from Captain Ramon, reassigned a number of her senior officers, including Alexander Richardson. In 2389, he was reassigned as the Chief Engineering Officer of Langley station during the incidents with the Hromi Cluster pirate organizations.

While aboard Langley station, Alexander met a young school teacher, Amber Hall. The two actually met while stranded on a jungle world with the rest of the Langley's crew during the aforementioned incidents. After a courtship of several months, the two were engaged to be married. They had hoped to do so aboard Langley, but new assignment orders for Richardson from Starfleet had thrown that plan out of the airlock.

Following his change in orders, Richardson was recalled to Earth for a stint of instruction at Starfleet Academy. His new assignment would have him, not in the familiar role of a starship or station's Chief Engineering Officer, but rather an instructor for cadets. While he wasn't ecstatic about the transfer, he never openly questioned the orders and went where he was needed. However, it would be a short mandate, as his order to instruct would only last for one year.

After being assigned to the U.S.S. Crown near the end of the well publicized and dramatic Salonian ceremony for entry into the United Federation of Planets, where a number of disasterous events occurred, including the abduction of the attending Federation President, Richardson quickly settled into his role as that ship's new Chief Engineering Officer.

In the end, the skill and resourcefulness of the Crown's crew, as well as that of the other vessels of the 72nd Task Force- 9th Fleet involved in the situation, helped to see the mission resolved with an overall successful outcome. Upon returning to Deep Space Nine for refit and repair before setting out on their next assignment, both Alex and Amber agreed to finally wed. After Captain T'Zera, the Commanding Officer of the Crown, agreed to officiate the ceremony, Alex and Anaya were married on nearby Bajor with both families in attendance, as well as numerous members of the Crown's crew.

On stardate 69370.6, following an operational change in orders issued after the Crown's destruction, Alexander Richardson has returned to the interim operations division of Starfleet while he awaits transfer to a new post.
Service Record Starfleet Academy, Class of 2385; Graduated with a commission of Ensign.
U.S.S. Trachtenburg, 2385-2387; Assigned as Engineering Officer.
U.S.S. Trachtenburg, 2387; Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and assigned as Chief Engineering Officer. Field Commendation entered by Commanding Officer for valorous service.
Starfleet Interim Operations: Awaiting transfer to Langley Station in the 9th Fleet.
Langley Station, 2389; Promoted to Lieutenant and assigned as Chief Engineering Officer aboard Langley Station.
Starfleet Interim Operations: Awaiting transfer to U.S.S. Crown in the 9th Fleet.
U.S.S. Crown, 2391-2394; Assigned as Chief Engineering Officer.
Starfleet Interim Operations: Awaiting transfer within the 9th Fleet.